16 October 2009

Hair's some funny ones

Barbers and cosmetologists are the absolute aces when it comes to pun names. What do you call a barber shop in an airport concourse? The Hair Port, of course. Any phrase you can think of that can be twisted into a scalp reference probably already has been adopted by some hair place somewhere. Did you say “Mane Street?” Taken. “Hair-O-Dynamics?” Already owned. “Shear Luck?” Done.


Clip Joint
Clippity Do Da
Curl Up & Dye
Dye Hard
From Hair To Eternity
The Greatful Head
Hair & Now
Hairforce One
Hair Loom
Hair To Stay
Hair We Are
Hairs Johnny
Hairway To Heaven
Homecombing Queen
Julius Scissor
Mane Event
Now Hair This
ShearLocks Home
Upper Cuts
Well-Comb All

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