08 August 2015

Book of Bai Ze - a guide to the forms and habits of all 11,520 types of supernatural creatures in the world, and how to overcome their hauntings and attacks, as dictated by the mythical creature, Bai Ze to the Yellow Emperor in the 26th century BCE.


16 July 2013

Made in not China

Autoritatile din China au inchis un muzeu plin cu exponate contrafacute

01 June 2013

Independence Day

"I've alerted the police department of this, just as an issue of public safety, that perhaps they should close off streets. We're still trying to resolve that. They're not accustomed to closing off streets for cosmic reasons."

08 May 2013


This metaphor of Hipsters (sustainably!) "harvesting" and "foraging" Awkwardness and Self-Awareness is too perfect. At the end of every day on Neurosis Ranch, Hipster gently brushes the velveteen leaves of his Discomfiture plants with his calloused hand before retiring inside the farmhouse he built after spending a summer with the Amish and makes love to his wife using the rhythm method because not only is it delightfully outmoded but it turns out that if practiced correctly it is an agreeable and effective means of contraception.

13 April 2013

10 April 2013

11 March 2013

pai cat va chinuiesc eu, merit