11 September 2009

Bale-E in Borderlands

un trailer la Borderlands (e un joc :)), un fel de Fallout 3 dar mai putin RPG si mai mult FPS (mai ma urmeste cineva?), in care armele si creaturile sunt realizate procedural.
dar nu despre asta e vorba in trailer.


Lheea said...

strglv joaca la impresionareee

psalmplasma said...

procede..asta.. da.


Strangelove said...

they have a million brazillion guns!

psalmplasma said...

that joke is older than you :P

sunt curios "cat de" procedurale sunt creaturile,
si cu ce ajuta asta.

psalmplasma said...

adica evolueaza, nu sunt la fel pentru doi gameri, se genereaza incontinuu, etc etc.

Strangelove said...

The game will also have a feature similar to Diablo's random level generation system. The system used is one akin to Diablo, a Procedural Content Creation System, which will influence mainly the weaponry seen in-game, but also, to a lesser degree, the in-game world and map.[6]

"We saw a ridiculous amount of guns, but perhaps the strangest was a revolver that fired shotgun shells. Gearbox is constantly surprised with what the system comes up with. They've seen rifles shoot everything from homing darts to rockets. "One of the guns tracks onto something and locks, and after three seconds, [the target] suddenly explodes, director Matthew Armstrong says."[citation needed]

Recently, in a preview of Borderlands, MTV Multiplayer claimed to have seen the debug menu for the game. According to them the Debug menu said that the total number of weapons in the game is 3,166,880.[7]

The features of the maps will also be randomly generated. While towns, and the general paths connecting them will remain the same, Borderlands features a system that randomly instances the surrounding landscape, with randomly placed things such as bunkers, towers, caves, enemies, and exploding cacti. All of this is done without a loading screen. Gearbox plans that the player will not see a loading screen after they boot up the game.