07 March 2011

sexual adventures in translation land

but what you see paying for sex as something fundamentally immoral, terrible and horrible Musa avoided? Why not an exchange like any other business? why is it ok to get paid for work done with your bicep, but not for work done by pubococcigienii? Why not com every woman to decide for her body? Why you gotta tell him "You are allowed to sell your vagina"? by what right you take one source of income? why strip bars are ok, but the brothels? by what right I refuse to feel the right one thousand three redheads than once? what happening to you or your children if I do that? it appears that all girls will rush to make as prostitutes in order to be able to make their card work?

Why is that moral fabric of society? you seem to have a country of monuments of morality with immoral and derailments minimum gotta keep this sacred treasure? go fuck the world if we love more? it's ok to have mistresses? to die if they understand. prostitution that is illegal now that we have for the moral fabric that we pretend we do not, but if we had a law that would have the effect of improving the lives of women, ready, choose the dust?

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