18 August 2010

mental hooha

The great spirit of Chinese live disaster
There is a kind of spirit that Chinese people never do not over - can be overcome
There is a kind of spirit that respect life, never give up every life、
There is a kind of spirit, still use a civilian dedication express love
There is a kind of spirit that united - 1.3 billion people BaHeSheng twist
We have reason to believe that we have the ability and confidence, have power over all the disasters, Victory belongs to the great and heroic Chinese people! The great Chinese people live! The great Chinese spirit hooray! The great Chinese disaster mental hooray!

UPDATE: 3 comentarii mai tarziu, vine si raspunsul neasteptat

I feel really bad for all of this terribleness. A bird in the hand is better than a hundred in the bush. Give a little, take a little. The cup is half full. Once, twice, three times a lady.

Please remember all this next time you fill up your car with like a hundred gallons of gas and then just burn all of it in like two days.

Oh my God. People need to WAKE UP about global warming!

How long will it take until we OUTLAW oil??? The corpration profits are too high so probably we can't. That would also probably alleviate the problem of giving so much MONEY to terrorists too, and help ending the heroin.

Why can't we do this? Makes sense to me and a billion other people. If you don't think so, well, just ask the flood/landslide/katrina victims...


psalmplasma said...

wait i didn't even oh what's there

Immortal Ping said...

mental disaster, hooray!