22 June 2010

vuvuzela, right where it belong. finally

Medical staff have told how a man was admitted to a Johannesburg hospital this morning with a vuvuzela protruding out of his arse.

The local man, who had been blowing his 'horn' at the South Africa v. Uruguay game, had, apparently, been attacked by a group of high-spirited Uruguayans who were out celebrating their team's 3-0 victory.

bonus: A nurse treating the injured man told us:

"I don't like vuvuzelas. If it weren't for the fact that my job is a nurse, and that I am here to help people in severe distress, and to save lives, I'd have shoved the fucking thing up his arse myself!"


neighbor's goat said...

Combinatia post-ului cu vuvuzela si a celui cu fasolea:


neighbor's goat said...

Imi ciunteste link-ul :(
Ma rog, dati sarci pe google images cu "motorcyclist baked beans" si vedeti prima imagine.