29 April 2010

Stuff to do when you're bored - Discover a church beneath your house

A bored family in Shropshire, England, after having a few too many drinks one night, started playing around with an air grate in their living room floor—which they managed to lift up and out of its grid, crawl through and under the house, and there discover an entire church sitting in the darkness where a basement should be. It was a "dark chapel complete with a large wooden cross on the floor."

[post omagiu albumului omonim al Andrei Matzal]

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Gigi Buzereci said...

I did that once.

Discovered an state-of-the-art bombardment shelter for 200 persons complete with (non-working) toilets, sleeping bunks, air-conditioning and ventilation, lots of equipment, heavy metal doors and the works.