01 October 2009

powerful propaganda

The Royal Air Force accidentally killed a young girl in Afghanistan -- by dropping a box of leaflets on her. The British Ministry of Defence is carrying out a full investigation. Meanwhile, the seemingly-antiquated practice of leaflet bombing continues. In the 21st century, it remains one of the primary tools of psychological warfare; U.S. Special Operations Command is even looking to build leaflet-carrying missiles.
[wired via boing]

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iulia said...

wohoaaa, ai putea sa fii Spec Ops Art Director, secretly designing lethal leaflets and shit. pure AWESOMEness level 10.

[img src=http://bp3.blogger.com/_DGONSbif7XU/SEecwaVZMTI/AAAAAAAAA4I/_pqpl0ULbtk/s1600-h/emblema_psyops.jpg]