28 September 2009

very clear, almost invisible

So-called because it dissolves to give a colourless solution, CLEAR is currently a favourite in European gay clubs, meaning it is only a matter of time before it will make its way over here. It gives a dreamy sort of high that works by actively inhibiting neurotransmitters. This causes a slowing of synapse reactions to such an extent that sound and other sensory perceptions take almost a hundred times longer to be detected by the brain. This results in the user feeling totally disassociated from their surroundings. The funniest thing about CLEAR is that in high doses it leads people into thinking they are invisible.


solidox said...

informativ dar dezamagitor de prost documentat. scriu despre lucruri pe care nu le cunosc nici macar tangential.

Strangelove said...

foarte adevarat, sunt mai degraba in zona de senzational si caterinca.