03 September 2009

On a continuing science rampage

Interesant cum apar exponential descoperiri care schimba total ce stim despre ... tot

This is giant on a scale where it's not just that we can't see what's doing it; it's that the entire makeup of the universe as we understand it can't be right if this is happening.

Dark flow, un fel de gaura neagra dar care atrage nu planete, lumina, sori si alte nimicuri, ci galactic clusters.

One galaxy can contain hundreds of billions of stars, and galactic clusters are defined as having 50-1,000 galaxies.


solidox said...

sa-mi spuneti daca e cazul sa ma opresc cu subiectul

Ms. Spelling said...

nu nu you're doing it great

Victor Plastic said...

yes, e cu zambete si raze.
keep on (poate cu mai multe poze thou)

Victor Plastic said...

yes adica baga mare in continuare

dj plan b said...

i concur