23 September 2009

The Legend of the Penis Mushroom

There is a mythical shroom that is unlike any other shroom. For, you see, this mushroom looks like a penis—not just a little bit like a penis, as many mushrooms do, but exactly like a penis. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? And although mushrooms usually spring forth from the earth as if from the toes of the gods, the penis mushroom is about as natural as a cocker spaniel. In other words, it’s totally man-made and if it were ever placed in the wild it would die instantly.

So what is this magic little cock-looking guy all about? Where did it come from? Who made it? I recently sought to answer these questions and was met with a dizzying world of magic, lies, and unsolved murder. And I was tripping balls the whole time, too.


solidox said...

Incredibil de bine scris. gg

la noi se scriu d'astea cu Soluţie marinărească a Comisiei Prezidenţiale: Droguri şi curve.


Immortal Ping said...

da, am deschis si eu cacatdianul.ro, am vazut titlul si am inchis. ma jur, a fost ultima oara cand am intrat. futulemortii, nu o sa mai primeasca niciun mic pocnet de la mine.

on topic, eu ii banuiesc pe astia de la vice de un pic de fictionalizare.

solidox said...

clar. dar prefer fictionalizarile de genul asta vs versiunea ro, evident.

m-a umplut de spume, ca multe alte "articole" tot de la cotidianul, care trec de la fantezie penalo-hilara la pericol de instigare a prostilor, which is grav.

ce ma crispeaza este ca n-am nici o indoiala ca ziaristii inteleg foarte bine despre ce e vorba, de ce se legalizeaza, etc, dar totusi o dau asa pt o bere.