13 September 2009

din lapte bio se fac veste antiglont

This breed of Angora goat is one of several species of goats, sheep and cattle that are engineered to produce pharmaceutical drugs and other materials in their milk. Often referred to as “biofactories,” these animals are intended to provide inexpensive sources of biological products.

This variety of goat was engineered by the Nexia Corporation in Canada to produce spider silk in its milk for use in manufacturing bullet-proof armor and fishing line. The Nexia Corporation produced 40 such goats and sold a number of them to the U.S. Defense Department.

The goats are currently housed in former ammunition bunkers on the now decommissioned Plattsburgh Air Force Base in Plattsburgh, NY. The Nexia Corporation has since been liquidated and purchased by an oil and gas venture. The status of the remaining goats is unknown.

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