15 March 2009

A big, beautiful collection of scattered nationalism

Sadly there's no "You know that you're Romanian if" yet.
But the rest are nice, such as..
Icelandic: You have never heard of Magnus Magnusson, despite him being the most famous Icelander, you eat rhubarb jam with beef while soup is considered a dessert.
Turkish: You have at least once carried sugar cubes, blessed with prayers at a mosque, as a lucky charm to an exam and believe that yoghurt is the magical cure for every disease.
Spanish: You call all your cereal "con flay" and any sneaker "tenis."
Finnish: Silence is fun.



psalmplasma said...

hai ca p'asta cu tenisii parca o stim.

si sigur am gasi cateva daca ne'am bate capu'.
doar ca nu vrem.


Immortal Ping said...

pai e foarte bine ca nu exista cu romani, asta inseamna ca suntem greu de bagat intr-o definitie simpla.

romanii, deci mereu surprinzatori.