15 February 2009

good things might come to those who have been waiting

Ugress seems to have caught on in Romania and Eastern Europe over the last few years. We've had several booking requests and recently also compilation and license offers. Which I find intriguing, I do not see much visitors from this part of the world in my web statistics, so the attention has to spring from something I haven't observed.

Ugress + Heathen Audio Interview

OMFG!!!! Could we be so lucky?


sfrigitte-bardot said...

niice. desi ugressul din 2002 mi-a placut mai mult ca ultimul album

Immortal Ping said...

true true
but then again, am cunoscut oameni care l-au cunoscut pe ugress la ultimul album si au fost la fel de incantati ca mine la primul. sa vina sa ne faca fericiti pe toti zic