25 January 2009

mindcandy sau cum ar trebui sa fie scrise blogurile

To steal from Tolstoy, all functional countries resemble each other, but every fucked up country is fucked up in its own way. Pakistan has a substantial population of medieval warlords locked in a struggle to return the country to the glories of the 14th century, only with nukes. Afghanistan has never really wanted to enter the 20th century and the Taliban will ensure it never will. Qat-addled Yemen operates according to its own ancient principles. Turkmenistan is a cartoon. Zimbabwe blows them all out of the water.

[Carpetblog e unul din cele mai bune bloguri ever, scris impecabil de o expata americanca despre istanbul, kiev, baku, jeddah, etc. ]


.ds. said...
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Anonymous said...

mods = gods

Anonymous said...

gods = order