03 October 2008

it's not my video, it's not my problem

This is a 2:43-long clip of an animated lizard insulting everything that appears around him, like an R-rated, New York asshole version of the GEICO gecko. When described, it seems like a prime example of funnier-when-stoned humor, but the reptile's stream of consciousness flows past enough arbitrarily wacky punch lines to give the video replay (and replay, and replay) value.

Full disclosure is that Dan Deacon provides that reptile's voice, which is both odd and fitting because it's less intense but just as ridiculous as anything on Spiderman of the Rings. This track-- proclaimed on Deacon's website as "a composition for voice on audiocassette"-- actually predates Spiderman. The video came later as well, a literalized labor of love from Liam Lynch, the creator of goof-off masterworks such as "United States of Whatever" and "The Sifl & Olly Show". (He also directed the recent Sarah Silverman and Tenacious D movies.)

Explanation aside, it's really one of those things you have to see for yourself. It's fucking unreal, you'll love it.

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