06 July 2008

Great inventions. Today: The Joke

He is said to have invented counting, currency, weights and measures, jokes, dice and a forerunner of chess called pessoi, as well as military ranks. Sometimes he is credited with discoveries in the field of wine making and the supplementary letters of the Greek alphabet.

[some technical stuff about jokes]


Strangelove said...

ii tin locul lui dj plan b :p

dj plan b said...

am observat:)
iar poza este de bohemian rapsody, asa.
can i call u freddy?

dj plan b said...

sweet mother of jesus - acu am vazut
Kids, watch and learn: Strangelove-posting spree extraordinaire!

psalmplasma said...

taci ma si lasa'l sa'si faca de cap, macar avem si noi timp sa iesim la o bere acu' :))